7 Dec 08

Early morning (0800) in Lincoln Cathedral with the sun streaming in, breakfast in town and the Christmas Market while it's still quiet ... Lovely!

Then the Weekend's bike ride along the 'Water Rail Way' in Lincoln.

A clear, crisp and absolutely freezing day - the only company being dogs with coats on and some daft rowers with wooly hats and a miserable look!

But the Water Rail Way, recently opend along the Witham is a great track and 30 miles long to Boston - so off we go with a nice training route with a bit of hill at the end too.  It'll be great when the weather's nice...

Today's stats:  14 miles at 9 miles / hour ..... A long way to go!  And less stops for coffee (thermos) and phone calls too.  So when will the run to Boston, and then both ways be?

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